20 years
focusing on new functional materials


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20 years
focusing on new functional materials


20 years
focusing on new functional materials

Textile Silver & Copper Antimicrobial Finishing Agent
     With nano copper and silver as active ingredients, CAS-F-1 is a finishing agent, that has antimicrobial and deodorization function. Nano copper has porous mushroom cloud structure, with that strong absorbability is obtained, various odors is removed, meanwhile good antimicrobial effect is got. It has the characteristics of long-term effect, washability, yellowing resistance and no influence on hand feeling.

-The antimicrobial & deodorization performance is excellent, antimicrobial rate is over 99%;

-Water washability more than 50 times, no yellowing;

-It has no effect on hand feeling.

Widely used in pure cotton, blended, chemical fibers, non-woven fabrics and other kinds of fabrics, used for the development of antibacterial deodorizing fibers or fabrics, such as sports clothing, sports socks, shoes, carpets, curtains and so on.

It can be used by spraying, padding, dipping methods, the recommended dosage is 2-5%, and the washing times are related to the dosage.

-Spraying method: spray the working solution on the fabric surface directly.

Process: spraying→ drying(100-120℃);

-Padding method: apply to the tumbling-type fabric.

Process: padding→ drying(100-120℃)→curing(150-160℃);

-Dipping method: apply to knitwear (towel, bath towel, sock, mask, sheet, bedding bag, napkin), garments (cotton sweater, shirt, sweatshirt, underwear, lining), etc.

Process: dipping→ dewatering(recycle the thrown out solution and add it to the dip tank)→drying(100-120℃).

20 washing times: added by 2%.

30 washing times: added by 3%.

50 washing times: added by 5%.

Packing: 20 kgs/barrel.

Storage: in a cool & dry place, avoiding sun exposure.