20 years
focusing on new functional materials


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20 years
focusing on new functional materials


20 years
focusing on new functional materials

Germanium & Silver Finishing Agent GAS-F-1
This product is a finishing agent prepared by nano-molecular assembly coupling process. It can make textile multiple functions such as antibacterial and releasing far-infrared, the fabric will be antibacterial and healthcare after being finished by the agent.

The product is colorless & transparent, and it will not affect the fabric color;

Excellent antibacterial performance, the antibacterial rate can be over 99%;

It can release far-infrared, and far-infrared emission rate is over 90%;

It will not affect the handle, air permeability, moisture permeability of fabric;

It is safe and eco-friendly, and meets the requirements of ecological textiles.

It used for cotton, chemical fiber, blended fabrics, etc.

*Household fabric, such as towel, curtain, bedding, carpet, etc.

*Clothing, such as underwear, sportswear, gloves, masks, etc.

The finishing methods are padding and dipping, recommended dosage is 2-5%, it can be diluted with water.

Padding method: padding→ drying(80-100℃, 2-3 minutes)→curing130-140℃;

Dipping method: dipping(soak well)→ dewatering(recycle the thrown out solution and add it to the dip tank)→curing130-140℃.

Packing: 20kgs/barrel.

Storage: in a cool & dry place, avoiding sun exposure.