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ATO Anti-static Solution ATO-050

This product is the dispersion liquid of nano tin oxide, that is water-based. It has good transparency, and anti-static, electromagnetic shielding function, with which it can be used for producing anti-static coating or film, through adding into the resin glue and other material systems.

Excellent conductivity property, can reach 10^4~6Ω·cm;

Good transparency, not affect the appearance obviously;

Good weather resistance, stable resistivity, not be affected by the temperature and humidity;

Small primary particle size, good compatibility and dispersibility.

It is used for development of anti-static coating or film.

According to the resistivity requirement, add into other material system as the recommended dosage, mix and stir evenly, then produce as the original process.

Packing: 20 kgs/barrel.

Storage: in cool, dry places, avoiding sun exposure.