20 years
focusing on new functional materials


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20 years
focusing on new functional materials


20 years
focusing on new functional materials

Textile Durable Flame-retardant Finishing Agent CU-003

This product is a finished textile that can make fabric fired quickly self-extinguish without smoking when removed from the igniting flame, its flame retardant grade can be above B1, and it has good handle and draping property without scumming.

Excellent and long-lasting flame-retardant effect, the flame-retardant level is above B1;

Good washing resistance, after several times’ washing, the finished fabric still can pass the vertical burning test;

It has no influence on fabric’s soft handle.

It is used for chemical fiber, blended fabrics, etc.

*Household fabric, such as towel, curtain, bedding, carpet, etc.

*Firefighting fabric, such as firefighting clothing, firefighting shoes, etc.

The finishing methods are padding, dipping and spraying, recommended dosage is 2-4%, it can be diluted with water.

Spraying method: diluting the agent with water spraying drying100-120℃).

Padding method: padding drying(80-100, 2-3minutes)curing170-190℃);

Dipping method: dipping dewatering(recycle the thrown out solution and add it to the dip tank)curing170-190℃).

Packing: 20 kgs/barrel.

Storage: in a cool & dry place, avoiding sun exposure.