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20 years
focusing on new functional materials


20 years
focusing on new functional materials

Textile Anti-mosquito Finishing Agent FC-001
This product is a finishing agent, with that the mosquito will be driven off. Wormwood has a special repulsive smell for mosquitoes, the mosquitoes don't want to stay in the places with the smell of wormwood. The agent is made from wormwood oil by microencapsulation technology and so it has the lasting effect of anti-mosquito.

It will not affect the handle, air permeability, moisture permeability of fabric;

Excellent anti-mosquito effect, the amount of mosquitoes reduce obviously after using the agent;

Excellent washable effect, and the effect can last over 1 year;

It is safe and eco-friendly, and on side-effect to human.

It is used for cotton, chemical fiber, blended fabrics, etc.

*Household fabric, such as towel, curtain, bedding, carpet, etc.

*Clothing, such as underwear, sportswear, gloves, masks, etc.

The finishing methods are padding, dipping and spraying, recommended dosage is 2-4%, it can be diluted with water.

*Padding method: (the method is suitable for all tumbling-type fabric) padding→ drying(80-100℃, 2-3 minutes)→curing(100-120℃);

*Dipping method: dipping→ dewatering(80-100℃)→drying110-120℃, 1 minute;

*Spraying method: diluting the agent with water→ spraying→ drying(100-120℃).

Packing: 20kgs/barrel.

Storage: in a cool & dry place, avoiding sun exposure.