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20 years
focusing on new functional materials


20 years
focusing on new functional materials

UV-Curing Anti-laser Coating for PC
    Since the application of laser technology, there have been many reports on the damage to eyes and skin caused by laser. Once directly radiated, reflected or diffused by laser,certain harm to human nervous system, cardiovascular system and reproductive system will occur. A long-term occupational exposure to laser may even induce or promote cancers. The anti-laser coating produced by Huzheng has strong absorption for the wave range of 1550 nm, 1060 nm and so on, which can effectively prevent laser damage to human body and protect laser operators. PLU-PC is a type of laser resistant coating for PC substrate, which is suitable for UV-curing and convenient for large-scale industrial coating.

-The absorption rate≥99%for laser wavelength of 1550 nm, 1060 nm, etc.;

-Excellent adhesion, the cross pattern adhesion reaches level 0;

-Good hardness, adhesion and impact resistance;

-Strong weather resistance, no performance attenuation occurs after QUV5000 hours.

Applicable to PC substrate surface, e.g., indoor laser protection, such as laser operating room in hospital and laser engraving studio;architecture laser protection, such as oil depot, bridge; other fields, such as anti-laser detection, etc.

According to the shape, size and surface state of the base material, suitable processes such as spraying, dipping, scraping and rubbing are selected for coating. Small area test coating is suggested before application.Takes shower coating as an example to describe the application steps briefly:

1st step: Coating. Select appropriate process for coating;

2nd step: Static. After coating, stand at room temperature for 3 minutes to make fully leveling;

3rd step: Drying. Heat at 80-100℃in the oven for 3 minutes to fully volatilize the solvent;

4th step: Curing. 3000W UV lamp (10~20 cm in distance, wavelength 365 nm) illuminates for 10 seconds to cure the coating.


1.Keep sealed and store in a cool place, make the label clear to avoid misusing.

2.Keep far from the fire, at the place where children can't reach;

3. Ventilate well and prohibit the fire strictly;

4. Wear PPE, such as protective clothing, protective gloves and goggles;

5. Prohibit contacting with the mouth,eyes and skin, in case of any contact, flush with large amount of water immediately, call a physician if necessary.

Packing: 1 liter/bottle; 20 liter/barrel.

Storage: in a cool, dry place, avoiding sun exposure.