20 years
focusing on new functional materials


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20 years
focusing on new functional materials


20 years
focusing on new functional materials

Transparent Conductive Coating PTT-056

    The product is a long-acting transparent conductive coating, the resistance can reach 105-6 Ω·cm. It has good transparency, can be widely used on the surface of various materials such as PET, PP, PE, PC, acrylic, glass, ceramic, metal and so on. Its resistance is very stable, not change with humidity and temperature. It can be used flexibly, cured at room temperature.

Resistance 105-106 Ω·cm, stable resistance, not affected by humidity and temperature;

Long lasting, good weather resistance, service life 5-8 years;

Good transparency, VLT can reach more than 85%;

The adhesion can reach level 0 (100-grid method), and the coating does not fall off;

The coating adopts environment-friendly solvent, small smell.

-Used for manufacturing various electronic touch screens, various transparent circuits and electrodes;

-Used for manufacturing various transparent conductive films and sheets;

-Available base materials: PET, PP, PE, PC, acrylic, glass, ceramic, metal or other materials.

According to the shape, size and surface state of the substrate, the appropriate application methods, such as shower coating, wiping coating, and spraying is selected. It is suggested that a small area should be tested before application. Take shower coating as an example to describe application steps briefly as follows:

Step 1: Coating.

Step 2: Curing. At room temperature, surface drying after 20 minutes, completely drying after 3 days; or heating at 100-120℃ for 5 minutes, to get cured quickly.


1. Keep sealed and store in a cool place, make the label clear to avoid misusing.

2. Keep far from the fire, at the place where children can't reach;

3. Ventilate well and prohibit the fire strictly;

4. Wear PPE, such as protective clothing, protective gloves and goggles;

5. Prohibit contacting with the mouth, eyes and skin, in case of any contact, flush with large amount of water immediately, call a doctor if necessary.

Packing: 20 liter/barrel.

Storage: In a cool, dry place, avoiding sun exposure.