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20 years
focusing on new functional materials


20 years
focusing on new functional materials

Self-drying Wear-resistant & Hardened Coating for PC

Plastic application is limited due to its weak hardness and poor wear resistance, and it is necessary to coat the protective coating on its surface. The Wear-resistant high hardness coating, which is developed by Huzheng, can improve the hardness and wear resistance of the plastic surface greatly. PHZ-PC is the coating for PC substrate, which makes PC surface more wear-resistant and harder. It is suitable for Self-drying and convenient for large-scale industrial coating.

-Good wear resistance, steel wool friction resistance more than 5000 times;

-High hardness, excellent adhesion, cross lattice adhesion up to grade 0;

-Strong weather resistance, no change in the sun, rain, wind, hot or cold weather, and no yellowing after enough long time;

-Colorless and transparent, no effect on the color and appearance of the original substrate;

-Easy to use, suitable for large-scale industrial coating.

It is suitable for the wear-resistant and hardening treatment on PC substrate, such as PC sheet, film, furniture, appliances and so on.

According to different shape, size and surface state of the base material, appropriate application methods such as shower coating, wiping coating or spray coating is selected. It is suggested to try coating in a small area before application. Take shower coating for example to describe application steps briefly as follows:

Step 1: Coating. Choose the appropriate coating process;

Step 2: Curing at room temperature. In the room temperature environment, the surface will dry in 20 minutes, and

the coating will reach complete dryness after 3 days.


1. Keep sealed and store in a cool place, make the label clear to avoid misusing.

2. Keep far from the fire, at the place where children can't reach;

3. Ventilate well and prohibit the fire strictly;

4. Wear PPE, such as protective clothing, protective gloves and goggles;

5. Prohibit contacting with the mouth, eyes and skin, in case of any contact, flush with large amount of water immediately, call a doctor if necessary.

Packing: 20 liter/barrel.

Storage: In a cool, dry place, avoiding sun exposure.