20 years
focusing on new functional materials


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20 years
focusing on new functional materials


20 years
focusing on new functional materials

Far Infrared Powder YH-P100

The product is far infrared powder, made of medical stone. Far infrared can improve human body microcirculation system, promote metabolism, and improve the activity of water molecules, so it has good healthcare effect.

Good dispersion property, easily dispersed in water & other solvents;

High emissivity of far infrared ray, the normal emissivity can be over 93%.

Safe & environment friendly, non-toxic, cost-effective.

It is used for the development of healthcare far infrared products.

*Used for far infrared floor, far infrared ceramic ball, far infrared wallpaper through being added directly;

*Dispersed into water or other solvents, used for far infrared coating;  

*Processed into masterbatch to produce far infrared fiber, fabrics, anion plastic products.

Add directly by recommended dosage, or disperse or process into master bathes according to the application field and equipment.

Packing: 25 kgs/bag.

Storage: in a cool, dry place.