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High-transparency Carboncrystal Masterbatch T-PET

This product is film-grade carbon crystal masterbatch, which has the good shielding of infrared rays and ultraviolet rays, used in the production of carbon primary color film or the board.

Good transparency of carbon crystal film, low haze to less than 1.2%;

Strong weather resistance, good chemical stability, not fade, color unchanged;

Infrared, ultraviolet blocking rate reaches more than 80%;

Well dispersion, good compatibility, no precipitation.

*Applied to produce carbon primary color film or board, such as automobile solar film, building window film, agricultural greenhouse film, PC sunshine board and so on;

*Applied to reduce visible light transmittance, to make light not that strong.

According to optical parameters and product specifications, consult the reference table of dosage of the masterbatch, as which mix with common plastic slices and produce as the original process. If higher requirements for thermal insulation rate, our thermal insulation masterbatch, code F-PET or S-PET can be mixed. We can provide a variety of polymer materials, such as PET, PE, PC, PMMA, PVC and so on.

Packing: 25 kgs/bag;

Storage: in a cool, dry place.