20 years
focusing on new functional materials


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20 years
focusing on new functional materials


20 years
focusing on new functional materials

Long-lasting Hydrophilic Anti-fog Self-cleaning Film
The film uses hydrophilic principle, has excellent anti-fog and self-cleaning function, and the effect is long-lasting. Adopted new type nano materials, it is produced through multi-coating process, thus excellent quality is got.

Structure: Three layers’ PET roll(PET Protective Film+Adhesive Layer+PET Base Film+Nano Coating+PET Protective Film)

Appearance: Colorless and transparent film

Using layer thickness: 38um, 100um

Width: 1020mm, 1520mm

Adhesive: Pressure-sensitive adhesive(like car films’ high viscosity)

Static silica gel(like screen protective films’ low viscosity)

Water resistance: Over one week

Visible light transmission:90%

Useful life: 1~5 years(Depends on the environment and usage habit)

Good tranparency, as well as anti-glare effect;
Excellent hydrophilic effect, even tiny water droplet, still good performance;
Quite good anti-fog property, clear film surface, on which no water drops gather;
Self-cleaning function, dust or dirt hard to adhesive on surface;
The effect is long-lasting.

Building glasses, bathrooms, mirrors;

Car windows, rearview mirrors, lights;

Electronic products’ screens like computers, cell phones, televisions;

Industrial panels like medical equipments, chemical instruments, petroleum equipments, laundry, etc.

Application method is similar as that of window film.

Step1: clean the surface, prepare installing liquid through adding some neutral detergent into the water;

Step2: tear up the PET releasing film, spray installing liquid on installing layer and the surface;

Step3: Stick the window film on the wet glass surface, and remove the water and bubbles with the scraper;

Step4: Clean the surface with dry cloth, then remove the protective PE film;

Step5: Film installing ends.

Packing: 1.52×67m/roll, 3000pieces/box(Size 10×10cm or 10×15cm);

Storage: Protected from light in a cool and dry place, 1~2 years.