20 years
focusing on new functional materials


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20 years
focusing on new functional materials


20 years
focusing on new functional materials

UV-curing Hydrophobic Coating for Plastic

      Water rolls freely on the lotus without leaving any trace. With nano technology, Huzheng transparent hydrophobic coating can get the object surface to have the lotus leaf effect. The coating is compounded by Fluorosilicone polymer, high-performance resin and nano materials. On the one hand, dirt can be taken away by rolling water; on the other hand, the contact area between dirt and coating surface is greatly reduced, thus it has an excellent performance of self-cleaning. PSU-101 is the hydrophobic coating for plastic surface, which is suitable for UV-curing process and convenient for large-scale industrial coating.

-The coating has high transparency, not affect the original appearance of the object;
-Good water repellent effect, the contact angle is greater than 124 °;
-It can play the role of wear resistance and scratch prevention, and increase the brightness of the surface;
-Easy application, suitable for large-scale industrial application.

It is used on plastic surface, to make glass hydrophobic and self-cleaning.
-Used on the plastic surface of the building curtain wall, which can be kept clean for a long time and reduce the cost of manual cleaning;
-Used on plastic and other surfaces to realize easy washing.

According to different shape, size and surface state of the base material, appropriate application method is selected, such as shower coating, wiping coating, or spray coating. It is suggested to try coating in a small area before application. Take shower coating for example to describe application steps briefly as follows:
1st step: Coating. Select appropriate coating technology for coating;
2nd step: After coating, stand at room temperature for 3 minutes to make full leveling;
3rd step: Drying. Enter the oven and heat it at 130 for 1 minute to make the solvent fully volatilize;
4th step: Curing. 3000W UV lamp (10-20 cm in distance, wavelength 365nm) illumination for 10 seconds, the coating cured.


1. Keep sealed and store in a cool place, make the label clear to avoid misusing.

2. Keep far from the fire, at the place where children can't reach;

3. Ventilate well and prohibit the fire strictly;

4. Wear PPE, such as protective clothing, protective gloves and goggles;

5. Prohibit contacting with the mouth, eyes and skin, in case of any contact, flush with large amount of water immediately, call a doctor if necessary.

Packing: 20 liters/barrel;
Storage: in a cool, dry place, avoiding sun exposure.